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We talked about the five M’s earlier, and these are absolutely all the steps you need in your production cycle to manage your audience. There is a sixth M we implemented at Raidious to help remind us to communicate to our internal audience – in our case, the client team, but in the case of an internal team, it would be your stakeholders.

The sixth M is merchandising. Not “merchandising,” as in part of the marketing function, but merchandising your success internally.

You need to continue to sell this concept internally and your team needs to continue to get credit for its success. Building in a sixth step – the merchandising step – to the five M’s can help accomplish that.

Make this a step in your process. Treat it just like you would treat content development for your external audiences. One way we do this at Raidious is with a monthly “greatest hits” report.

This is a list of the highlights from all of our clients each month, which we use to help our team understand the impact Raidious is having on our clients’ business. We post it publicly in our office and share it with our team.

Find a way to tell everyone in your company about the work your team is doing, and how it is helping move the needle. Even small wins are worth sharing. This could be done in a number of different ways – as simple as a piece of paper you hang outside your office with your list of wins for the month or an email that gets sent out monthly to give a status update.

You could even use a real-time dashboard or command center where you can help your company visualize what it is that you’re doing. While you’re at it, ask for their feedback, input and questions, just like you would for any other audience. Merchandise, merchandise, merchandise.